Steal Personal Moments Every Day To Reverse Negativity

The trick to getting some me-time in this busy world

Mofrad Muntasir
3 min readJan 27, 2022


It was a breezy autumn evening in La Ramblas, Barcelona.

My friends & I had a lovely evening, spending hours exploring the street, & nearby restaurants. It was time for us to get back to our hotels/hostels.

I was staying at a hostel that was a little bit further. Ideally, I should’ve taken the train or a cab.

But I just wanted to walk. To soak in the energy of the city, and to have a bit of me-time.

Following the silent guidance of Google Maps, I walked for over an hour. It didn’t feel like a long walk. But it made me get rid of the stress I had in my mind & even forget about some negativity.

It’s a technique I have followed again and again.

Even during a busy day, I’d steal a moment for myself.

I am an ambivert, even then I need time for myself. I am sure this technique would help introverts as well.

Life usually only gets busier — till a point

Most of us keep on taking responsibility as we get older.

Studies, entry-level jobs, a job with more to do, family, properties — it continues.

Until the kids start taking care of themselves, and we retire.

It’s easy to get sucked into all those responsibilities and forget to enjoy life.

That is not the point of life, although often that’s unavoidable. If you are not careful, life will pass by just by handling duties & responsibilities.

How you can steal a moment during a busy day

At work, try to do the following —

  • Take 15 minutes after lunch to walk around, read a book/article, talk to someone.
  • Schedule breather times in between meetings
  • Get to work early so that you have the time to get it sorted and not start running immediately after you get in
  • Regularly take annual leaves just to take a break



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