Mofrad Muntasir
4 Pillars of Writing by Mofrad Muntasir | Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

I use my experience of leading marketing teams and education (Bachelors Major in Marketing & MBA) in my writings. In addition, I have been on a journey to become a better person. Combining these two, I write about 2 broad topics — Marketing & Productivity. I usually cover two angles…

Marketing Strategies: Psychology in Pricing

Photo by Danial Shoorangiz on Unsplash

It’s snowing. John is walking fast to get back home. He wasn’t prepared for a snowy evening. He crosses his neighborhood store when he sees a sign — “40% off for Coca Cola”. He loves the drink but is he going to stop now?

It’s a sunny day. John is…

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Since 2011, Sarah has been an associate in a multinational bank.

She has been a great contributor to the bank. Sarah met her targets, managed clients well, and did what she was asked of.

But in 9 years, she was not promoted even once.

Twice there was restructuring in the…

Mofrad Muntasir

4x Top Writer| INSEAD MBA | Ex-Head of Marketing, Digital Marketing & Strategic Insights Lead| Writes on Marketing, Growth Hacks, Personal Growth & Productivity

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